Monday, October 24, 2011

Virtual Baby Shower

All week long I had been looking forward to going to my cousin's surprise baby shower kid-free. I let Abigail know I was not heading home with her after church because I was going to the shower and then she gave me a puppy dog look and told me she wanted to go too. I couldn't resist, so the two of us went together.

My Aunt and cousin threw the shower to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a little girl, so they went all out on girly stuff.

Here is Abigail decked out in a feather boa and bright pink nail polish (courtesy of Auntie Laura).

This picture reminds me of the last time she wore a boa.

The Mommy-to-Be is actually a resident of North Carolina, with most of her family living here and out west. So, with the help of a TV and a few Apple products my cousins were able to make it a virtual shower. All of the presents were shipped to NC, where my cousin David intercepted them and wrapped them all. My Aunt went all out and baked cookies, packed shower games (and more feather boas), and sent everything down so my cousin would be well-equipped to throw the same shower simultaneously in NC for his wife.

Grandma saying "hi" to the Daddy-to-Be
I wish I had more pictures, but my lens stopped working mid-shower. It was a blast-my Aunt certainly knows how to throw a party!

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