Sunday, October 16, 2011

Big Girls!

Grandma and Papa K drove up to spend the weekend with us as we celebrated Sarah's second birthday. They came bearing gifts-a beautiful set of bunk beds!

Now that Sarah is two and Lily is due so soon we decided we were ready to get Sarah transitioned to a big girl bed. She was showing signs of being ready too.

Grandma and Papa did such a great job refinishing the sturdy set of beads, complete with custom-made pink bed rails and a sky blue board with pink slats (so Sarah has something pretty to look at from the bottom bunk).

The girls were so excited to see their new set up. Abigail was sure to let us know ALL DAY LONG that she was to sleep in the top bunk and Sarah's was the bottom. Also, I think their bedroom has fast become Abigail's favorite.

Thank you Grandma and Papa K for the bunk beds! And thank you Nonna for the spreads and afghans!

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