Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sarah is Two!

I just cannot believe that Sarah is two. There is so much to love about our little Sarah. I love to see her personality continue to develop.
  • I love how Sarah is so entertaining at the dinner table. Whether she starts singing a tune, or makes faces to get us to laugh, she has me smiling or laughing at every dinner.
  • I love how she finishes a lot of her sentences with the name of the person she is addressing. Like "tank yoo, Dada" or "your turn, Ada" (Ada is how she says Abigail).
  • I love how she loves to dance with her dolls and her Daddy. Both of the girls have taken to dancing with Jonathan when our Friday night movie ends and the end credits play with fun music. If you catch her dancing, you should tell her to shake her tail feather-it is so cute!
  • I also love how she tries to sing along with people and even sings on her own. I caught her the other day with her Little People playset. She set up the prince and princess at their table, complete with a plastic candelabra. She sang a short version of "Happy Birthday" and blew the candle out.
  • I love how she gets so excited about the big and little things. When we went to look at pumpkins while apple picking she raised both of her hands and jumped up and down because she was just so excited. She also gets excited when she sees some of her favorite people and runs to them for a good hug. This is pretty remarkable because she used to be terribly shy.
These are just a few things that we love about our sweet little two year old. Happy Birthday Sarah! We look forward to seeing what the future holds for you!

Here are a few pictures from Sarah's birthday celebration.

We made a Care Bear cake (though, Abigail will tell you she made it):

Here's Sarah talking to Papa M on the phone:

Cake and presents!

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