Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Skills

It is another slow blogging week for us. I can guarantee that next week will be more exciting because of the holiday.

Sarah is everywhere! She has finally discovered that she doesn't have to stay in our living room. Our living room is without borders and extends to an amazingly vast dining room, hallway, and oh, what's that? A kitchen! Wait, now there's a gate. Our kitchen will be uncharted territory for Sarah for the near future.

For the most part Sarah moseys on at a casual pace to whatever toy or forbidden object she has her heart set on. Sometimes though she unleashes her speedy army crawl. She is fast!

Another new skill Sarah has developed is drinking from a straw. Sarah often grabs the toys, snacks, and sippy cups Abigail drops on the floor. The other day she grabbed one of Abigail's sippy cups with a straw. I figured there would be no harm in letting her chew on it for a bit, but then she started sucking on the straw and drank Abigail's water! Abigail didn't do the straw thing until much later (although, we didn't give her all that many opportunities).

Ok, now some cute pictures related to today's topic. I'll have to find something else for this week's Photo Fridays.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Photo Fridays 06.25.10

Both photos relate to Father's Day. The first is a picture of the girls with their new cousin Bridget. We printed this picture out for a Father's Day gift for my Dad. The second picture is an outtake from when I tried to get a shot of the girls with Jonathan on Father's Day.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Trip to the Store

I "tweeted" about this last night, but a simple tweet does not do it justice. Last night we went on our monthly BJ's run. We normally do this during the day on the weekend, but we were getting desperate for diapers. We ate dinner, cleaned the girls, changed them into their pajamas and were off.

I thought we'd be adventurous and put both of the girls in the front of the shopping cart. Sarah had never been in the front seat of a cart yet and the carts at BJ's have two seats in the front. Jonathan hesitated a bit, but was up living on the edge.

Let me tell you, the girls had a blast. They were all smiles. They were just too cute sitting side-by-side looking all over the place. They giggled and squealed and made for a very fun time in the wholesale club. Who knew a family could have so much fun buying diapers and wipes!

I took a few pictures on my cell phone, but it will take a while to get them off, plus the quality is pretty poor. You'll have to take my word for it that it was just too cute!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day!

The girls knew I had a big breakfast planned for Father's Day, so they wanted to make sure I was up bright and early: 5:20 AM. I'm glad we got up that early though, or we would have been late for church. I took such a long time making breakfast!

While things were bubbling along, Abigail and I got Jonathan's card ready. I was inspired to get this card when one morning at breakfast Abigail sang a song with me and practically hit every word. I was perusing the "record your voice" cards and thought of the awesome idea to have Abigail sing for it. Well, every time I tried to get Abigail to sing she would clam up. I had to think of an alternative and reciting the ABC's was not going to cut it. So, I had Abigail read a message for me. Can you decode it?

I didn't do a practice run. I asked Abigail to help me, pushed the button on the card, and asked Abigail to identify each of the "symbols". She nailed it! She sweetly said:


I couldn't figure out how to draw love, so we went with a heart. Jonathan loved it.

After church we went to my parents and had a cookout. The girls were tired and worn out after an exciting and long day. Now they are sleeping peacefully.

So, Jonathan is a great Dad. The girls and I are so blessed to have him. He balances me perfectly. Where I can be really uptight and worrisome at times, he is more relaxed and calm. He is always willing to tackle late night wake-ups and is happy to stay with the girls so I can get out some. I love to see the girls' reactions when they hear the keys in the door and Daddy is home for the day. Sarah gets especially excited and quickly starts to cry if he needs to leave the room for a minute. They love him so much and I love him too.

Happy Father's Day Jonathan!

A Happy Father's Day also goes out to the girls' Papas. Happy Father's Day to my Dad, Papa McEvoy. Whenever I tell Abigail we're going to see Nonna for the day she always quickly asks about Papa. She just loves him. He often has a VeggieTales video, a sip of his pop, or cheese-its on hand. He is also willing to let Abigail grab him by the finger and take him where she wants to play. Sarah loves Papa too and watches as he sings the same tune to her over and over.

Again, we don't get to see Papa Kapaldo as often as we like. During our last visit though, it was as if the girls saw him (and Grandma) all the time. Because of Papa Kapaldo Abigail doesn't fall out of bed (handmade bed rails), the girls things are organized (book shelf and diaper changing table). Come to think of it, the only things not built by Papa in the bedroom are the crib, end table, and rocking chair. It is so special to have Papa's handiwork in their room. And, of course, the girls love to be around their Papa too. Papas are just plain fun.

And we cannot forget our Grandfathers, Uncles, Cousins, and friends who are also fathers. Happy Father's Day to all of you!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Dip in the Pool

I mentioned early this morning to Abigail that we were going to go to the pool today. She was excited and probably wondered what was taking us so long. We snuck a quick 30 minutes at the pool before nap time. A helpful hint to moms out there: a quick swim before nap-time can make for nice afternoon naps!

We tried using swimmies for Abigail but still ended up holding her the whole time. We may end up getting a vest so she can have more freedom. She wanted to be in constant motion pretty much the whole time she was in the pool, so a little more freedom maybe would have made for more fun.

This was Sarah's first pool experience. She stuck with her baby tube. She took it easy and enjoyed just floating around.

Abigail did not want to leave, but did so without a big fit. She will be hitting the water in some form plenty of times this summer.

Meeting Miss Bridget

On Thursday I took the girls and Nonna to visit Bridget and my sister Laura in the hospital. I was a bit anxious about bringing the girls because I really didn't know what to expect as far as their behavior went. I was pleasantly surprised though. We were there for almost 5 hours and things went rather smoothly. Of course it did help that we had our portable DVD player, crayons, and goldfish crackers. Near the end of our visit though you could tell it was time to go. With more visitors in the room and exhaustion setting in Abigail was getting to be a handful. I am so glad we got to visit.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another First on the Food Front

And this post isn't about Sarah. I'm not sure when most kids eat cereal with milk, but I waited until today to let Abigail try it out. She mostly eats oatmeal for breakfast but asked for cereal this morning (I'm sure she wasn't expecting the milk too). She did really well!

Speaking of food and Abigail, I've got a funny story (though a bit embarassing for me). The other night I made American Chop Suey. Abigail loves pasta, but doesn't get all that excited about ground meat. Anyway, as we started eating Abigail started poking her pasta and saying "Ewww gross" over and over. I was shocked! This was the first time she verbally expresses a negative opinion about a meal. She took this a step further and started asking for oatmeal instead! Needless to say, Jonathan and I had a good laugh. Abigail did end up eating the pasta though.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A New Playmate

On Tuesday morning I got a call from my sister Laura at 41 weeks pregnant (one week overdue for those who may not know). Things were finally getting underway!

Jonathan came home from work early to be with the girls so I could be with my sister. Have I mentioned I have a wonderful husband who is a great dad? I got to the hospital around 1:00 to find a resting and waiting mommy-to-be and a very excited Nonna.

I'll be short on the details (every mom should get the chance to tell her own labor story to who she wants to tell it to). Laura ended up getting a c-section. My Mom got all dressed up for the operating room and I waited in the recovery room.

Can I just say that I was so anxious! I had all sorts of butterflies moving around in my stomach. Time ..c....r....a....w....l....e....d.. by. I finally got word that Bridget had been born and that things were going well. About 15 minutes later I was meeting my new (and I must say beautiful) niece.

I can't wait to watch our girls grow up together. Hello slumber parties, dress up, trouble making, you name it!

Welcome to the world Bridget Alivia. We love you!

Bridget Alivia
Born Tuesday, June 15 at 8:36 PM
8 pounds 2 ounces
19 1/4 inches long

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

8 Months

Sarah is 8 months old today. Let me tell you, it is NOT easy to take her onesie picture anymore.

Sarah loves to explore. She'll roll all over the the place and has mastered the army crawl. She also gets up on her hands and knees a lot, but has yet to actually crawl. She'll play with toys, but if she sees something off-limits (a remote, wrapper, wire, diaper, etc) she's all over it.

Sarah is doing really well with her solids. It took a number of weeks to get to this point. We just had to be persistent and continue to give her opportunities to eat.

Sarah is a much better sleeper. She's pretty good about taking two 45 min-2 hour naps. Sometimes I end up putting her down asleep, but other times she falls asleep on her own. The same is true for the evenings for the most part. Bedtime does take a little longer though because the girls have slumber parties. Sarah squeals, Abigail chats and sometimes sings and if we're lucky they'll both eventually fall asleep without much intervention. This has been the exception rather than the rule lately though.

Let's see, what else does Sarah do? Sarah loves to clap now. She is also starting to grin ear to ear when she sees me point the camera at her. She also loves to jump and bounce in her swing and when I hold her in my arms over my lap. Oh, and she has three teeth out, with a few more on their way.

Here is Sarah with her big sister!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Photo Fridays 06.11.10

Name that Tune

It's been a slow blog week for me. I thought I'd mention a bit about Abigail and her latest cute activities.

You will sometimes find Abigail busting out strings of words with a bit of a tune to them, but it isn't all that easy to figure out what she's saying. It's pretty easy to tell when she's singing her ABC's, but other songs are harder to identify. I must say I've gotten pretty good at naming her tunes. She sings the "Cliffs Notes" version of each song she knows. For example, when she does sing her ABC's she skips maybe 5-8 letters or combines them ("Q-RES" for Q-R-S).

Other songs are even more abbreviated and set on a loop. It's like she's got a song stuck in her head and she deals with it by singing it. Anyway, it's really cute to hear her sing "Twinkle Twinkle" or a VeggieTales silly song (her favorite is the Sneeze song). Maybe one of these days we'll get her on video.

Abigail also likes to mouth the words of songs that are playing. Whether it be a tv show theme song on one of her CD's, she'll move her mouth to the words and occasionally sing a word or two out of it. Oh, and when she isn't strapped in her carseat, she likes to dance too.

Another cute thing to see is her fashion sense. The other day we let her try on a new sundress. She decided to pair it with her snow boots and one of my old purses.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Photo Fridays 06.04.10

Our day in pictures:

1. So the girls got up bright and early at 5:30 this morning. This was the second time in a week they decided to get to an early start. I decided to take the advice of a friend and buy a blackout curtain. We got a cute purple one that makes the room nice and dark. We'll see how effective it is in the morning.

2. After lunch but before nap time we made a quick batch of cookies.

3. Sarah fell asleep for her afternoon nap after Abigail did, but she woke up before Abigail did. Here she is playing during Abigail's nap.

4. Abigail napped for a whopping 2.5 hours (30 minutes more than her best). I'm not sure if the great nap was because of the curtain, but I am thankful for the long nap regardless. Here is Abigail with cute bed head.

5. Friday's are Kapaldo Movie Night. I've been making pizza most Friday nights since Jonathan and I got married more than 4.5 years ago. About a month ago we decided to add a family-friendly movie to the mix. We had BBQ chicken pizza with caramelized onions (with a piece of pepperoni for Abigail).

6. The girls stayed up a little later than usual. I managed to get a picture of them in their jammies before bed.