Tuesday, June 15, 2010

8 Months

Sarah is 8 months old today. Let me tell you, it is NOT easy to take her onesie picture anymore.

Sarah loves to explore. She'll roll all over the the place and has mastered the army crawl. She also gets up on her hands and knees a lot, but has yet to actually crawl. She'll play with toys, but if she sees something off-limits (a remote, wrapper, wire, diaper, etc) she's all over it.

Sarah is doing really well with her solids. It took a number of weeks to get to this point. We just had to be persistent and continue to give her opportunities to eat.

Sarah is a much better sleeper. She's pretty good about taking two 45 min-2 hour naps. Sometimes I end up putting her down asleep, but other times she falls asleep on her own. The same is true for the evenings for the most part. Bedtime does take a little longer though because the girls have slumber parties. Sarah squeals, Abigail chats and sometimes sings and if we're lucky they'll both eventually fall asleep without much intervention. This has been the exception rather than the rule lately though.

Let's see, what else does Sarah do? Sarah loves to clap now. She is also starting to grin ear to ear when she sees me point the camera at her. She also loves to jump and bounce in her swing and when I hold her in my arms over my lap. Oh, and she has three teeth out, with a few more on their way.

Here is Sarah with her big sister!

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