Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Skills

It is another slow blogging week for us. I can guarantee that next week will be more exciting because of the holiday.

Sarah is everywhere! She has finally discovered that she doesn't have to stay in our living room. Our living room is without borders and extends to an amazingly vast dining room, hallway, and oh, what's that? A kitchen! Wait, now there's a gate. Our kitchen will be uncharted territory for Sarah for the near future.

For the most part Sarah moseys on at a casual pace to whatever toy or forbidden object she has her heart set on. Sometimes though she unleashes her speedy army crawl. She is fast!

Another new skill Sarah has developed is drinking from a straw. Sarah often grabs the toys, snacks, and sippy cups Abigail drops on the floor. The other day she grabbed one of Abigail's sippy cups with a straw. I figured there would be no harm in letting her chew on it for a bit, but then she started sucking on the straw and drank Abigail's water! Abigail didn't do the straw thing until much later (although, we didn't give her all that many opportunities).

Ok, now some cute pictures related to today's topic. I'll have to find something else for this week's Photo Fridays.

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