Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Dip in the Pool

I mentioned early this morning to Abigail that we were going to go to the pool today. She was excited and probably wondered what was taking us so long. We snuck a quick 30 minutes at the pool before nap time. A helpful hint to moms out there: a quick swim before nap-time can make for nice afternoon naps!

We tried using swimmies for Abigail but still ended up holding her the whole time. We may end up getting a vest so she can have more freedom. She wanted to be in constant motion pretty much the whole time she was in the pool, so a little more freedom maybe would have made for more fun.

This was Sarah's first pool experience. She stuck with her baby tube. She took it easy and enjoyed just floating around.

Abigail did not want to leave, but did so without a big fit. She will be hitting the water in some form plenty of times this summer.

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