Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Four Months!

Abigail is four months old now. The time seems to be flying by! Abigail holds her head up well. When we move her around the house she is alert and looking all over the place. Tummy time isn't as upsetting for her now. She can really push herself up.

Here is a four month picture and a picture of Abigail on her tummy :-)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Head Bands

A number of Abigail's gifted outfits came with headbands. Some people aren't too fond of them, so I haven't bothered using them. Well, the other day I was getting Abigail dressed in one of these outfits and decided to also put the headband on. She looked adorable!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Play Time

It is fun to watch Abigail with her toys. She now reaches for them and grasps them. She has even come close to rolling over for them. Here are some pictures of her playing with two of her new toys: a blue elephant that shakes when you pull the ring and a baby doll from Nonna.


Isn't it funny that as little kids we never liked nap time, but as young adults we couldn't get enough? That's how it was for me anyway. I have tried to explain to Abigail how wonderful sleep is, but she doesn't quite get it. It may be because she hasn't mastered the english language yet or she just doesn't believe me. Yesterday went by without a nap. She did finally crash at 10 PM for 45 minutes before one last feeding, but I am not counting that.

If you scroll down just a bit you'll notice I took a few pictures of Abigail sleeping during our vacation in Virginia. How interesting that she slept so much. Maybe she figured, "Hey, it's my vacation, I'm going to take advantage of it." And now she must think, "Ok, no more vacation, it's back to the daily grind, I must not miss a moment!"

It isn't that Abigail doesn't sleep at all. She just doesn't have a regular schedule. And maybe this is my fault. I'm sure one day we'll get on a regular schedule and Abigail will actually sleep during the day.

Now, another cute picture of Abigail doing that wonderful thing: sleeping.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Vacation in Virginia

We spent the last week in Virginia visiting Jonathan's family. We had a great, relaxing time. Abigail encountered a few more firsts in her life. Abigail had her first trip to the grocery store and also her first pool experience (I will post more about that later).

The trips down and back went very smoothly. We decided to drive overnight so Abigail would sleep most of the way and we would not have to feed her as frequently. Another plus is that traffic is not as busy, although the truckers can be a little crazy.

Here are a few pictures of Abigail on vacation.

A coworker of mine gave us a cute inflatable duck bath. This came in handy because we didn't have room for her regular tub in the car. Another plus is that she didn't scream her head off like she normally does during bath time (maybe she has entered a new phase ;-).

Another first for Abigail was a trip to The Olive Garden. She opted for her bottle while the rest of us had adult food. Here are some pictures of her with her uncles:

We think the trip threw Abigail off a little. The first few nights were rough. We got to the point where we just let her sleep in our bed. She would fall asleep instantly while, if we put her in the pack n' play she either woke up right away, or slept for a few minutes (in one case an hour or so). We chose sleep in our bed rather than no sleep at all. Speaking of sleep though, Abigail took many naps during our vacation. Here are a few pictures of our little angel sleeping:

Here are a few more pictures from our trip: