Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

We celebrated Memorial Day with Nonna and Papa, Granny and Grandpa, Auntie Laura and Uncle Nick. We had a great time on such a beautiful day. Abigail enjoyed being outside. She spent most of the day walking around the yard, playing with grass, splashing in the pool, and eating. One thing she didn't do was nap (except this morning). However, there was a point when she was ready to doze in her high chair-but we all can agree that it is hard to fall asleep when people are giggling and snickering at you.

Bubbles with Auntie Laura...

Playing in the grass...


What is a cookout without s'mores? Lately Abigail has been very interested in what Mommy and Daddy are eating. I went ahead and let Abigail try a few nibbles of my s'more. I think she wore more than she actually ate:

Sitting with Daddy...

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Thank you to those who voted in our baby naming poll. We have made our decision for naming our little girl. May we introduce to you Miss Sarah Elizabeth Kapaldo.

We wanted to stick with a traditional/biblical name and this fits the bill. According to Sarah means Princess while Elizabeth means God is my oath (or Consecrated to God according to We aren't big into nicknames (we never call Abigail Abby), but instead of sticking with just "Sarah" we may end up calling her Sarah-Beth.

Today is the 20-week mark for me and Sarah-Beth. We are halfway through the pregnancy-which I cannot believe! Like I've said before, Abigail keeps us so busy that time seems to fly and I forget how far along I actually am. Sarah-Beth is quite the kicker. I'd say she is even more active than Abigail was. She kicks more during the evening, which hopefully doesn't mean she'll be a night owl ;-)

I have been blessed to have two uneventful and boring (as my Doctor put it) pregnancies in a row. Other than a cold here and there (with little medication options) and a poor appetite early on I barely show signs of being pregnant (minus of course my ever-growing belly). Speaking of my belly, here is a 20-week picture:

While I'm at it, here is a cute picture of Abigail from the other day. She is waiting for her Daddy to get out of the shower. She loves playing with Daddy on the weekends!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pre-Summer Fun!

The weather reached a steamy 90 degrees today. During our weekly visit to Nonna's house we decided to buy a kiddie pool for Abigail. I think Abigail will take after her Daddy, who swam with his brothers in middle/high school-she loves the water.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Abigail and Her New Toothbrush

Abigail will be 14 months old next Friday! Even though she is so old she still only has four teeth (although I think I see one getting ready to peek through). Even so, with her iron supplements and all the eating she is doing, we thought we'd go ahead and buy her a big girl toothbrush. Up until now we had been only using a wet washcloth per our Doctor's suggestion. I found an adorable toothbrush with ladybugs on it. Abigail christened it tonight:

Monday, May 18, 2009

It's A...

~ Girl! ~

I had my ultrasound today for another check up and to find out the big news: girl or boy. The ultrasound technician went right for it while the baby was cooperating. Unlike with Abigail, we both clearly saw that we are having a girl.

This little one was much more cooperative. Either she will be very different from Abigail, or the Tang and
popsicle I had kicked in. She was't sitting cross-legged and she wasn't facing away from us. She was proud to let us know that she is all girl.

Baby K has all of her fingers and toes. Her heart rate is a healthy 150. Nineteen weeks down, 21 weeks to go.

We're all set on girly clothes and accessories. Now all we have to figure out is a name! We knew we'd name our first girl Abigail Marie, but never thought to figure out another possible girl's name. So we'll be wracking our brains to come up with just the right name for Baby K. Check out the Baby Names link to the right and vote on what we've come up with so far!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Baby K

Sunday marked the start of week 18 for Baby K and me. I can't believe that we are almost half way through the pregnancy (40 weeks total). Abigail occupies so much of our time and energy that time screams by so much faster than when I was pregnant with her!

Like I've heard many people say, women often feel their little one's kicking and dancing around earlier with subsequent pregnancies - mainly because they know what to look for. This has definitely been the case for me. I especially notice Baby K moving around when I get a chance to settle down for a bit.

On Monday I have my next ultrasound appointment. This is the big one - when we find out if we are
having a boy or a girl. I just can't believe we are at this point already! We will definitely keep you posted.

Until then, here are ultrasound pictures from a number of weeks ago (around 12 weeks along). I think I see a resemblance with Abigail.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Day Five - Trip Wrap-Up

We left Springfield for Woburn at 9:30 AM. I won't bore everyone with travel details except to say we made it home at 6:30 PM.

We had a great weekend even though it was so full of traveling. Abigail got to see and spend time with her grandparents and uncles (and boy does she love her uncles). She also got to meet family for the first time. We will also never forget her first beach experience. We're looking forward to another family visit in July.

Day Four - Charleston to Springfield

Abigail slept in on Mother's Day- a great gift! We met with family for breakfast again at Panera. Then we broke away from the group for a quick visit to the beach.

We went to the Isle of Palms bea
ch. this was Abigail's first beach experience. She loved it and did not want to leave. I thought we'd be able to limit her to walking in itty bitty waves-bit she had different intentions. Long story short-we changed her clothes when we got back to the car.

We hit the road around 11:30 AM, an hour and a half after the rest of our party. Everything was going smoothly until we hit the Richmond area. There were cars everywhere and traffic was stop and go until 20 miles before our final destination. I drove the second half of the trip, so Jonathan had the challenge of keeping Abigail happy.

We arrived at the Kapaldo residence a little after 9:00. We got Abigail ready for bed and let her roam around a bit. She was a bit wired and didn't finally fall asleep until after 10:00.

Day Three - Michael's Graduation

Uncle Michael didn't graduate until the afternoon, so we had a bit of time to kill. We met everyone for breakfast at Panera. Then some of us took a tour of the outlets right down the street from our hotel. We were blessed because Abigail was able to nap in her stroller for a good 40 minutes. This was also when Abigail got to meet her Great Aunt Charissa for the first time.

After shopping it was time to get ready for the graduation. We ended up viewing the ceremony via a live video feed in a nice air conditioned auditorium because watching the ceremony outside and in person required a ticket. Entertaining Abigail was challenging. After we saw Uncle Michael receive his diploma we made an early exit. We got Abigail's stroller, gave her some milk, and went for a thirty minute stroll while she napped.

After photos we walked to a Japanese Steakhouse for dinner. Abigail was plenty entertained by our server, who cooked our meals right in front of us. She was especially mesmerized by the flame tricks be did.

Day Two - Springfield to Charleston, SC

We left Springfield around 8:00 AM in a caravan of three vehicles. This trip took a bit longer than we expected due to frequent stops and extremely heavy downpours.

We arrived in Charleston around 6:00. We had a tired, hungry, and fussy baby on our hands so we
skipped out on dinner with the rest of the family and spent our evening in our hotel room.

Abigail's set-up for our journey.

Day One - Woburn to Springfield, VA

Our trip started around 5:30 AM on Thursday. I planned on Abigail falling right back to sleep for an hour or so, but she didn't. We whisked her away to the car straight from her crib, so she was too excited to sleep. The trip wasn't bad at all, minus heavy rain during the second half of the trip.

The nice thing about traveling this time is that we brought our new automatic Ford Escape. I (Diana) could share in the driving duties and Jonathan could share in the Abigail entertainment duties.

We arrive in Springfield, VA around 4:00 PM. Most of the day was spent, but we made the most of it spending the rest of the day with some of Jonathan's family. Abigail's Great Grandma and Papa flew in from Illinois for the graduation. This was the first time Abigail got to meet them.


Five days...thirty-nine hours on the road...approximately 2,000 miles traveled-think we're crazy? It was all worth it.

Our main purposes for the trip were to go to Uncle Michael's (Jonathan's brother's) graduation from the college of Charleston and to visit with family.