Sunday, May 24, 2009


Thank you to those who voted in our baby naming poll. We have made our decision for naming our little girl. May we introduce to you Miss Sarah Elizabeth Kapaldo.

We wanted to stick with a traditional/biblical name and this fits the bill. According to Sarah means Princess while Elizabeth means God is my oath (or Consecrated to God according to We aren't big into nicknames (we never call Abigail Abby), but instead of sticking with just "Sarah" we may end up calling her Sarah-Beth.

Today is the 20-week mark for me and Sarah-Beth. We are halfway through the pregnancy-which I cannot believe! Like I've said before, Abigail keeps us so busy that time seems to fly and I forget how far along I actually am. Sarah-Beth is quite the kicker. I'd say she is even more active than Abigail was. She kicks more during the evening, which hopefully doesn't mean she'll be a night owl ;-)

I have been blessed to have two uneventful and boring (as my Doctor put it) pregnancies in a row. Other than a cold here and there (with little medication options) and a poor appetite early on I barely show signs of being pregnant (minus of course my ever-growing belly). Speaking of my belly, here is a 20-week picture:

While I'm at it, here is a cute picture of Abigail from the other day. She is waiting for her Daddy to get out of the shower. She loves playing with Daddy on the weekends!

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