Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Baby K

Sunday marked the start of week 18 for Baby K and me. I can't believe that we are almost half way through the pregnancy (40 weeks total). Abigail occupies so much of our time and energy that time screams by so much faster than when I was pregnant with her!

Like I've heard many people say, women often feel their little one's kicking and dancing around earlier with subsequent pregnancies - mainly because they know what to look for. This has definitely been the case for me. I especially notice Baby K moving around when I get a chance to settle down for a bit.

On Monday I have my next ultrasound appointment. This is the big one - when we find out if we are
having a boy or a girl. I just can't believe we are at this point already! We will definitely keep you posted.

Until then, here are ultrasound pictures from a number of weeks ago (around 12 weeks along). I think I see a resemblance with Abigail.

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