Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Toy

We bought Abigail a new toy out of a bit of desperation on my part. Abigail loves to move around. The problem is that she cannot yet walk on her own and depends on Mommy and Daddy to take her around the apartment. This can take a toll on our backs. So, we bought Abigail a toy stroller that doubles as a walker. She seems to like it and already knows that the kitchen is off-limits with the stroller. Instead of heading straight for the kitchen she'll stop walking with the stroller, and then will reach out her hand so one of us can take her into the kitchen.

Here is a cute video of Abigail in action as well as a still shot of her with her stroller.

On another note, now that Abigail is climbing things she's started crawling for real now. She had been previously army crawling/scooting but now her tummy doesn't touch the ground. She seemed to phase in this new mode of transportation ;-)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Big Girl

This morning Abigail woke up as Jonathan was getting ready for work. She was pleasant and entertained herself, so I thought I would take advantage of that by resting a bit more before getting her. Well, I was surprised to find Abigail standing up in her crib when I entered the room. I was worried about naptime, figuring she would climb and stand in the crib before falling asleep. Thankfully, she did nap.

New Breakfast Food

We thought we'd spice up Abigail's breakfast a few days ago. We gave her scrambled egg yolks. I think she got more on the floor and in her seat than in her mouth, but it sure made for some fun pictures.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Look at what I can do!

Abigail is getting more adventurous these days. To get in a standing position she would normally rely on Mommy or Daddy's hands. Now, however, she gets up on her own. We need to keep a close eye on our mobile baby!

Here is Abigail with her Crawl and Cruise Musical Jungle. She climbs up either using the spiraling ball ramp or the purple hippo.

Here she is at Nonna and Papa's. She started out by putting her hands on the drawer, getting up on her knees, and then grabbing the top of the table.

Abigail climbed up this chair when I was out of the room (don't worry, Jonathan was there to watch and observe ;-). This climb was a bit tricky, but she made it.

Finally, a reminder that we need to stow away our Christmas decorations. They still remain an accessible temptation for our little one.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Nine Month Appointment

Abigail had her 9 month appointment this morning. I think the icy weather helped to make the visit nice and quick. Abigail is doing well. She weighs in at 18 pounds 7.5 ounces and is 27.5 inches long. This appointment was free of shots, which made it pleasant. However, her one year appointment (which falls on the day after her birthday) will be filled with shots and blood work.

On another note, it seems like Abigail and I have a good routine going that carries us through the early evening. We have a fairly predictable schedule that includes a morning and afternoon nap that lasts at least 1 hour each!!!! The only things we cannot predict are (1) when she finally goes down to bed for the night (varies from a little after 8:00 to a little after 10:00) and (2) whether she will sleep through the night or not. Regardless, it is wonderful to have a schedule and even better that she takes two long naps!!!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas 2008

As expected we took many pictures of Abigail for her first Christmas. We took so many pictures that it wouldn't make sense to do a normal blog post. So instead we made a slideshow for you to enjoy with bits of video added. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Kapaldo Family!

Nine Months!

Monday marked Abigail's nine month birthday. We're not sure about measurements yet (her next appointment is within the next few days). New milestones she has reached include saying "na-na-na-na" (close to ma-ma), pulling up into the standing position (mostly while holding on to Mommy or Daddy's hands), and eating puffy finger foods. She has also added a few evenings of 10 hours of sleep and sometimes has an afternoon nap in addition to a morning nap. In just three short months she'll be a whole year old! Time flies.