Friday, August 27, 2010

Good Company

This is who we get to have breakfast with. She started singing as she was eating, but slowed a bit once I brought out the video camera. It's still cute though:

August has been a sick month for the family. Abigail got a cold earlier this month, which messed with her lungs. We went to the Doctor where we were ordered to do nebulizer treatments. We kept this up as long as Abigail still had a cough. She passed things on to Sarah, which thankfully didn't get as complicated. The girls seemed better, so we went on our camping trip.

Then came Monday. We could hear Abigail coughing a bit through the night. We decided to get back to doing the nebulizer treatments. Things didn't go beyond a yucky cough and stuffy nose. Sarah came down with a cold again too. Abigail didn't get a fever until Friday morning. We paid another visit to the Doctor where she was tested for strep and mono. We also got a prescription for an inhaler on top of her nebulizer treatments.

Probably the hardest thing about being a parent is seeing your babies sick. I'm hoping they both get better by September (and I hope September is a much better month)!

Photo Fridays 08.27.10

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Camping on the Cape - Day 3

Our second night didn't go as smoothly as the first with the girls, but it wasn't horrible. Abigail woke up around 2:00 in the morning wanting milk. The thing was, Mommy had to leave the tent to get it, which caused Abigail to freak out a bit. She called out for Mommy quite a bit, which woke Sarah up. Once Abigail got her milk she calmed down and then we took care of Sarah. Other than that things went well.

Friday morning started off early again, around 6:00. We cleaned up a bit and then headed out for a small breakfast. We visited the Brewster General Store. We ate donuts in front of the store and I enjoyed a much needed cup of coffee.

After breakfast we popped Sarah in the pack-in-play, and put Abigail in her booster seat with crayons and post cards. Thankfully breaking down camp went a lot faster than setting it up. After breaking down the tent and packing up we headed for home around 10:00 AM.

The girls slept for a bit (Abigail for about 30 minutes and Sarah for a bulk of the trip). The first thing we did when we got home was give the girls a nice warm bath. Later in the afternoon all four of us took a refreshing nap.

We had such a fun time during our first family camping trip. We are glad for the many memories we made and look forward to doing this again in the future!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Camping on the Cape - Day 2

Our first night in the tent went pretty smoothly. Do you know which of the girls ended up waking up the most? It was me! I was up quite a few times. Abigail woke up in the middle of the night and tossed around a bit, and Sarah only woke up once after settling in for the night, but that was it.

Abigail woke up just shy of 6:00. We went for a walk and then killed more quiet time in the tent before having breakfast (quiet hours were from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM).

We spent the morning driving around for a little bit to see what was around Brewster and surrounding towns. We then went to the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History. The highlight for Abigail was the small aquarium they have downstairs. Abigail could have spent hours walking around and around. She had to point everything out. The funny thing about Abigail is that when we tell her we're going somewhere, she doesn't want to go. Once we get there, she doesn't want to leave. This time was no exception. She did not want to leave the museum. Money well spent (especially since the kids were free)!

We grabbed a bite to eat and then headed back to camp to settle down and clean up a bit. We wanted to kill time because parking at the local beaches is free after 3:00 PM. This time we checked out another local beach, Paine's Creek Beach. I liked this beach because there was a nice shallow pool of water, followed by lots of sand and then the main body of water. The shallow pool was perfect for Abigail to roam around freely. Though, we did have a time keeping her from wandering off and wanting to "try" other kid's beach toys.

The girls fell asleep almost instantly when we headed back for camp. Now, the last time Abigail fell asleep around 5:00 was disastrous. I let her sleep and she was in quite a mood. Well, I figured, "Hey this is our vacation, I'll let her sleep". We just had a later bedtime instead-and it worked out.

The camping meal for tonight was beef stew. I prepped it right at camp. We probably cooked it too long and on too much direct heat, because the beef was really well done.
Getting the girls to bed took a lot more effort the second night. Jonathan helped Sarah fall asleep while I kept Abigail company until she was snoozing. Jonathan and I then had some relaxing time by the fire and then called it a night. It was so nice to be able to sit in the cool, crisp outdoors by the crackling fire. Oh, and did I mention we could look up and see the stars? It was great!

Camping on the Cape - Day 1

We got on the road for the Cape on Wednesday a little later than we had hoped. There was so much to pack in the van and we had a few stops to make before really heading off.

We hit a few bad traffic spots and had a few crying bouts, but we made it to Brewster safe and sound.

Before even setting foot on the campground we had to be sure Abigail set her feet in some sand. She did not stop talking about the beach on our trip down, she was really looking forward to this part of the trip.
We spent a good hour or so at Breakwater Beach.

The tide was low and we made our way out pretty far before Jonathan suggested we head back. The tide seemed to come back in at a good rate.

After collecting some shells, playing in the water, and building a sand castle, we headed to Shady Knoll campground.

Jonathan and I set up camp while Sarah watched in the pack 'n play and Abigail took attempts at running off whenever we weren't able to involve her in tent building steps. After setting everything up, Jonathan started a fire while the girls watched VeggieTales in the tent.
So, we thought we'd try our hand at camp food that went beyond hamburgers and hot dogs. We thought we'd try cooking in foil pouches. Tonight's dinner: BBQ chicken and potatoes, prepped and packed at home. It was really good!

We ended our day giving Abigail a s'more, putting the girls to bed, and having a few s'mores ourselves. All-in-all we had a great first day of camping.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Are We Crazy?

Jonathan is on vacation this week. We'll take it easy and run errands, but what's the fun in doing only that? Jonathan and I are going to live life on the edge. The two of us are taking the two girls camping. outside. in a tent. Are we crazy? I guess you'll have to check back in this weekend to find out. In the meantime, here are some pictures from today of us trying out our tent.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

10 Months

Today marked Sarah's 10 month birthday. I cannot believe we will be celebrating her first birthday this fall!

Sarah, like her big sister, is fearless. There is little in our apartment she will not try to climb up. One toy in particular has aided in her mobility. Here is Sarah giving it a try, at around the same age Abigail started on it. Notice how Sarah keeps pushing my hand out of the way (I was just trying to help ;-)

Now we have two girls who can get into just about anything. Yikes!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

9 Month Check Up

On Monday Sarah went in for her 9 month check-up. This time Daddy joined Sarah because I was with Abigail for her appointment (more on that later).

Sarah weighed in at 17 pounds, 13 ounces (20%) and is 27 inches tall (20%). Thankfully, she didn't have to have any shots. I can't believe in three short months she'll be going in for her one year check up!

I thought I'd add a bit more about her milestones. Sarah loves to pull herself up! She'll try and climb up the side of our couch, coffee table, TV stand, crib, vacuum cleaner, us-just about anything and everything! She is everywhere. Also, we've expanded her options when it comes to table food. We moved from cheerios and biter biscuits to cut up grapes, green beans, and chicken. And just yesterday Sarah started waving "hi" to us by folding and opening her hands. So cute.

Sarah is growing up so fast.

We also took Abigail to the Doctor because we didn't like the way she was breathing. She came down with a cold after our eventful weekend. At first it was a simple stuffy nose and cough. Then came the fever and a bad night of shallow breathing. I'm glad we took her in. Her oxygen levels were not great. We ended up giving her three nebulizer treatments right there in the office. Thankfully they did the trick, otherwise she was going to be sent to a hospital.

We're going to pay another visit to our Pediatrician in a few weeks to talk about preventing this in the fall. The Doctor we met with (not our regular Pediatrician) mentioned possible asthma.

Thankfully, Abigail is quite used to having her treatments. We had a very hard time in the Doctor's office, but now she does it with no complaints, and even does it on her own.

Sarah caught Abigail's cold, but thankfully it isn't nearly as bad. She no longer has a fever and is only congested-which makes it harder to sleep and eat. Hopefully she'll be over this quickly!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Family Cookout

After our morning trip to Fenway Park we ventured west for what I hope is an annual Gualteri Family cookout. We gathered together last year to celebrate my Grandfather's 80th birthday party.

The girls spent most of their time either in the pool or the ball pit. Sarah loved the ball pit. The way she lounged around in it for the first time you would have thought it was a hot tub! Abigail also took advantage of the wide open and fence-less spaces to run around.

After everyone filled their tummies with wonderful food and dessert my Dad and second cousin broke out their guitars. I often remember the "old" days when I was a kid and everyone would sing at family get-togethers. It was nice to see it happen again.

And, like last year, my Aunt had a caricaturist, Don Landgren of Partoons, who did another family portrait of us.

My Aunt sure knows how to throw a party! I look forward to this hopefully being yet another family tradition.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fun at Fenway

Saturday morning we got to experience something we likely will not experience again. We joined Nick, Laura, Bridget, and Nonna on a trip to Fenway Park (home of the Boston Red Sox, but I'm sure you already know that). Uncle Nick won a radio contest to play a softball game right on the field as part of the Red Sox Foundation's Fantasy Day. He played on the team made up of people working at the station.

The awesome thing about it was being in Fenway Park and being able to roam fairly freely. Abigail loved walking through rows of empty chairs and up stairs.

And, of course, we can't have a post about this awesome experience without a picture of the contest winner. Here is Nick before his turn at bat. Thank you Nick for inviting us to join you in this once-in-a-lifetime experience!