Friday, August 27, 2010

Good Company

This is who we get to have breakfast with. She started singing as she was eating, but slowed a bit once I brought out the video camera. It's still cute though:

August has been a sick month for the family. Abigail got a cold earlier this month, which messed with her lungs. We went to the Doctor where we were ordered to do nebulizer treatments. We kept this up as long as Abigail still had a cough. She passed things on to Sarah, which thankfully didn't get as complicated. The girls seemed better, so we went on our camping trip.

Then came Monday. We could hear Abigail coughing a bit through the night. We decided to get back to doing the nebulizer treatments. Things didn't go beyond a yucky cough and stuffy nose. Sarah came down with a cold again too. Abigail didn't get a fever until Friday morning. We paid another visit to the Doctor where she was tested for strep and mono. We also got a prescription for an inhaler on top of her nebulizer treatments.

Probably the hardest thing about being a parent is seeing your babies sick. I'm hoping they both get better by September (and I hope September is a much better month)!

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