Monday, August 2, 2010

I'll Have the Seafood Platter, Mixed Nuts, and a Side of Cat, Please

That about sums up what Abigail was tested for at her appointment with the Allergist. The Doctor decided to test for nuts (since we confirmed the walnut allergy in April), fish and shell fish (because Abigail has never been exposed to it), and cat (because I suspected an allergy).

Abigail handled the testing pretty well. She didn't understand that she wasn't supposed to touch her back. The hardest part of the whole thing wasn't getting "pricked" with the potential allergens, but waiting the 15 minutes "handcuffed". I flew her around the office like superman, tucking her hands in mine; we danced; and we played Ring Around the Rosie a few dozen times.

We confirmed the walnut allergy. We also found out that Abigail was allergic to crabs of all things and cat. So, no tree nuts, shell fish, or cats for Abigail. We will also be pretty strict about keeping Sarah from all nuts until she is a good deal past 2 years old, just to be safe.

On another note, as the Doctor was checking Abigail out he mentioned that her tonsils were a bit swollen. Then he wanted me to look. The first thing I said was that, "I wouldn't know what to look for". Well, when I looked down Abigail's throat there was no mistaking where her tonsils were. So there's that.

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