Friday, April 9, 2010

Going Nuts

My parents watched Abigail for a bit last night while Jonathan and I ran an errand with Sarah. Abigail had a great time, but her night took a turn for the worse on the way home.

Right before we left, I grabbed a chocolate chip cookie to munch on and gave Abigail a tiny piece. No biggie-until our ride home.
Abigail got fussy. She started grabbing her ears and rubbing her nose and eyes. Her nose started running and her eyes were watery. By the time we got home we saw that her face was blotchy and her face looked swollen.

Long story short, we talked with a nurse, administered Benadryl, and she fell asleep. Her symptoms started to improve.

Those chocolate chip cookies had walnuts in them, so I suspect a nut allergy. After running things over in my mind while trying to sleep last night I realized Abigail had a pinch of another cookie with walnuts in it last Thursday. She tugged at her ears a whole bunch and fussed, but that was it.

We took Abigail in for follow-up this morning. She had blood work done. We left with an EpiPen and a referral to an Allergist.
What have I learned so far from last night: it's a good idea for mommies and daddies of toddlers to have Benadryl on hand. Also, God took care of our Abigail when we weren't sure what was going on. I'm sure things could have been a lot worse if this really was an allergic reaction to nuts.

We'll find out more hopefully once the test results are in and once we are able to see an Allergist.

Man, it is not easy being a mom!

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