Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday

We hope everyone had a Happy Easter. We had a great day spent with our family and church family.

We started the day bright and early when Abigail gave us our wake-up call. We went to church early for breakfast, followed by a GENESIS Kids Easter Egg Hunt. This was Abigail's first hunt. She didn't quite get the gist of it. As soon as she spotted an egg, she would immediately open it to see what was inside. She had fun anyway.

After church we headed over to have Easter dinner with family. Here Abigail had her very own Easter egg hunt. Though, I'm sure Sarah would have wanted to join her if she was able. This time she knew just what to do. As soon as she spotted an egg she kept repeating "egg, egg, egg", then she'd grab it and place it in her basket.

After the egg hunt we feasted on ham, potatoes, you name it. Abigail wasn't a huge fan, but she did try a few things out. She was a fan of dessert though, she at quite a few strawberries from a fruit tart.

We couldn't have asked for better weather today. We're looking forward to more spring weather and the chance to go out and enjoy it!

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