Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Little Garden Update

Remember those seeds Abigail planted? Well, I'm glad we planted as many as we did. Long story short-out of dozens of seeds planted, five little troopers have sprouted!

Ok, now for the long story.

I was feeding Sarah about a week ago and Abigail was watching Curious George. George was learning about gardening. Abigail was inspired. She made her way to the dining room saying "wattter" over and over again. My "look at this Abigail" efforts were fruitless, I could not keep Abigail out of trouble with words alone. Next thing I know, she's walking into the living room with egg carton and sippy cup in hand.

She placed the carton on the coffee table and watered the plants. It was cute, really. But then things got scary when she moved the egg carton to her doll stroller and back. At this point I was able to take Sarah to her room and put her down for a nap.

I thought about taking the egg carton on the way to the girls' room, but wanted to avoid a screaming protest from Abigail. Well, I should have taken it. Abigail made her way back to the dining room with the carton. Only this time she used one hand, so the carton was perpendicular to the floor and there was a trail of dirt where Abigail had been.

Thankfully, though, the pots remained untouched and a few seeds have sprouted. We're looking forward to watching them continue to grow and bloom!

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