Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Today we had our weekly visit with Nonna. We spent the day with her, Auntie Laura (T-Wara as Abigail says), and Bridget. We had a nice girls day out. The big part of the day was spending it at Build-A-Bear. This was the girls' first experience with it (and probably not the last, because Nonna works there now!). Abigail had fun with it. Sarah pretty much watched-but I didn't mind, because I got to pick out things for her bear.

Abigail settled on a cat, which with be the only kind she can really cuddle.

Nonna helped Abigail stuff it:

The next step was to squeeze the cat/bear/dog's heart and give it a kiss. Abigail proceeded to try and squeeze and kiss a whole bunch more hearts as our visit went on.

After stuffing and sewing it was time for a bath and a brush. Then it was time to dress the animals up.

I think the girls (and Moms, and Nonna) enjoyed their first build-a-bear experience.

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