Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Toy

We bought Abigail a new toy out of a bit of desperation on my part. Abigail loves to move around. The problem is that she cannot yet walk on her own and depends on Mommy and Daddy to take her around the apartment. This can take a toll on our backs. So, we bought Abigail a toy stroller that doubles as a walker. She seems to like it and already knows that the kitchen is off-limits with the stroller. Instead of heading straight for the kitchen she'll stop walking with the stroller, and then will reach out her hand so one of us can take her into the kitchen.

Here is a cute video of Abigail in action as well as a still shot of her with her stroller.

On another note, now that Abigail is climbing things she's started crawling for real now. She had been previously army crawling/scooting but now her tummy doesn't touch the ground. She seemed to phase in this new mode of transportation ;-)

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