Friday, June 11, 2010

Name that Tune

It's been a slow blog week for me. I thought I'd mention a bit about Abigail and her latest cute activities.

You will sometimes find Abigail busting out strings of words with a bit of a tune to them, but it isn't all that easy to figure out what she's saying. It's pretty easy to tell when she's singing her ABC's, but other songs are harder to identify. I must say I've gotten pretty good at naming her tunes. She sings the "Cliffs Notes" version of each song she knows. For example, when she does sing her ABC's she skips maybe 5-8 letters or combines them ("Q-RES" for Q-R-S).

Other songs are even more abbreviated and set on a loop. It's like she's got a song stuck in her head and she deals with it by singing it. Anyway, it's really cute to hear her sing "Twinkle Twinkle" or a VeggieTales silly song (her favorite is the Sneeze song). Maybe one of these days we'll get her on video.

Abigail also likes to mouth the words of songs that are playing. Whether it be a tv show theme song on one of her CD's, she'll move her mouth to the words and occasionally sing a word or two out of it. Oh, and when she isn't strapped in her carseat, she likes to dance too.

Another cute thing to see is her fashion sense. The other day we let her try on a new sundress. She decided to pair it with her snow boots and one of my old purses.

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