Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A New Playmate

On Tuesday morning I got a call from my sister Laura at 41 weeks pregnant (one week overdue for those who may not know). Things were finally getting underway!

Jonathan came home from work early to be with the girls so I could be with my sister. Have I mentioned I have a wonderful husband who is a great dad? I got to the hospital around 1:00 to find a resting and waiting mommy-to-be and a very excited Nonna.

I'll be short on the details (every mom should get the chance to tell her own labor story to who she wants to tell it to). Laura ended up getting a c-section. My Mom got all dressed up for the operating room and I waited in the recovery room.

Can I just say that I was so anxious! I had all sorts of butterflies moving around in my stomach. Time ..c....r....a....w....l....e....d.. by. I finally got word that Bridget had been born and that things were going well. About 15 minutes later I was meeting my new (and I must say beautiful) niece.

I can't wait to watch our girls grow up together. Hello slumber parties, dress up, trouble making, you name it!

Welcome to the world Bridget Alivia. We love you!

Bridget Alivia
Born Tuesday, June 15 at 8:36 PM
8 pounds 2 ounces
19 1/4 inches long

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