Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another First on the Food Front

And this post isn't about Sarah. I'm not sure when most kids eat cereal with milk, but I waited until today to let Abigail try it out. She mostly eats oatmeal for breakfast but asked for cereal this morning (I'm sure she wasn't expecting the milk too). She did really well!

Speaking of food and Abigail, I've got a funny story (though a bit embarassing for me). The other night I made American Chop Suey. Abigail loves pasta, but doesn't get all that excited about ground meat. Anyway, as we started eating Abigail started poking her pasta and saying "Ewww gross" over and over. I was shocked! This was the first time she verbally expresses a negative opinion about a meal. She took this a step further and started asking for oatmeal instead! Needless to say, Jonathan and I had a good laugh. Abigail did end up eating the pasta though.

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