Thursday, October 27, 2011

Belly Shots: 37 Weeks

It has been a rough week this week! I have very little energy, very little motivation, and very little patience. I feel like I am climbing an uphill battle when it comes to keeping up with house chores. I'll get one room clean, then my little munchkins undo my work. I often find myself saying to Jonathan when he gets home, "The living room WAS clean today, I promise."

I would really like the apartment to be in half way decent shape before I have to go to the hospital when I have Lily. The last thing I want to see when the two of us come home is a mess. I think I need to face reality though.

Other than the state of our house, we are all set for our girl's arrival. Though, we do need to figure out logistics when it comes to having the girls looked after when things start to happen.

I know I'll be very tired when Lily comes. But a big part of me (namely, my belly) is ready for her to be born. I'll still be exhausted, but at least I should be more mobile.

Ready when you are Lily!

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