Thursday, October 6, 2011

Belly Shots: 34 Weeks

Six weeks left! And I am feeling it. Tonight got pretty chilly and I had to put socks on (gasp). That was no easy task.

Things are getting a bit uncomfortable, but we're hanging in there. I'm able to keep up with the girls at home, but when we're out it is a different story. Last week we were shopping with Nonna and the girls were not contained in carts. Abigail decided to run off, but soon came back when I called her. Sarah, on the other hand, ran off but chose to not listen to me. I had the hardest time running after her and her speedy little legs!

Sleep is hard to come by also. I just don't get why super pregnant women have a hard time sleeping. I don't need practice waking up during the night, believe me.

There's our little update! Before we know it Lily will be here. Just a month and a half to go!

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