Monday, October 17, 2011


It rained pretty much all day on Friday as we went to school and got ready for Sarah's party. So we were happy to see blue skies and sun on Saturday morning. After Papa K, Grandma, and Jonathan put the bunk beds together we gave the girls a snack and then headed north to go pumpkin picking.

Soon after hitting the highway both girls were fast asleep in the van. As we got closer and closer to Crescent Farms we saw more and more grey clouds. Then we saw sprinkles. Then we had to use our wipers. Once we pulled into the farm's parking lot the rain really came down. I thought we could leave while the girls were sleeping but then they both woke up and saw the pumpkins.

The rain slowed enough for us to brave the cold, wind, and light rain so we could run up a muddy patch, quickly grab pumpkins, and then run down the muddy patch. I think the girls had fun even though the conditions were far from favorable.

One of the things I wanted to do when we grabbed pumpkins was to get a picture of me, Jonathan, and Lily like one I saw my photographer friend, Krista, take. I thought it was such a cute idea-lucky for me Lily is due a little after pumpkin season, so it made for a fun picture (thanks, Mom, for taking it!).

On Sunday afternoon we did some carving. Last year Sarah was just a spectator-this year she got to participate. Boy did she love helping. She wasn't phased at all by the slimy seeds and pretty much stuck her whole arm down her pumpkin. She made a funny pumpkin face with Daddy while I made a cat pumpkin with Abigail.

I'm looking forward to snacking on toasted pumpkin seeds shortly!

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