Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Seven Years

Jonathan and I celebrated seven years of marriage this past Monday. We had a nice laid-back day celebrating. It started off with me putting Lily back to bed just before 5:00 AM thinking, "Man, it's Monday. But at least I can look forward to going out for dinner tonight." Shortly after falling back to sleep Jonathan gently woke me up, telling me, "I took today off." I easily fell back asleep, looking forward to having my husband around for the whole day! What a perfect anniversary gift.

Our main festivities included a walk around Horn Pond (at least part of it) followed by dinner. The girls get pretty crazy when we get them outside. They love running around and getting into things. Abigail seemed to want to stop every 30 seconds so she could throw a rock into the pond.

Dinner is always an adventure with the girls. They are very well-behaved when we take them out, but they get pretty excited being out-and-about. Lily was probably the craziest. She would give a shrill scream every time she wanted more food. I guess she feels the need to scream so she can be heard in the Kapaldo house (or anywhere else for that matter).

Oh, and of course, I was pleasantly surprised to see the blog "bombed" by it's second author with Jonathan's post. We have been blessed with a great marriage and I have been blessed with a wonderful husband.

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