Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of School

Yesterday was Abigail and Sarah's first day of homeschool. The plan is to do basic ABC's during Lily's morning nap and then do more phonics and beginning math for Abigail during Lily and Sarah's afternoon naps.

We had a good solid 90 minutes of school this morning. Toward the end I could see it was getting to be a bit much for Sarah, who became very antsy. Overall though I think she did very well.

This afternoon Abigail played with counting bears her Daddy used when he was a kid. Then we tried doing basic addition. Followed by quiet reading time. The afternoon was a bit more challenging because Lily fought her nap. I'll need to give Abigail quiet activities to do when this happens in the future.

Like last year I'm really hoping to use this year to get a better idea of what we'll do once Abigail starts kindergarten. Really we only have two options (1) public school or (2) homeschool (private school is out of the question). I think (1) and (2) both have their pros and cons. We just need to figure out what is best for us, and I will rely on our experience, advice from other homeschoolers I know, and God's leading.

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