Friday, May 20, 2011

Midwest Vacation: Days 8-11

Saturday was the big day, Uncle James' graduation. We were sure to arrive early to get parking and spent a good deal of time walking around and waiting. The girls were pretty good during the ceremony, though they didn't spend it sitting down. Actually, Abigail wanted to be as far back as she could, for some reason she was a bit scared of the whole thing.

Unfortunately I don't have any good pictures from graduation day (at least no pictures having to do with graduation).On Sunday we let the girls dictate our wake-up and head-out times. We left Mishawaka and headed east to Northern Virginia. We wanted to break our long trip home up into two shorter ones, and thought it would be nice to visit Grandma and Papa Kapaldo's house. Anyway, we were on the road on Sunday for a good 11 hours.

We stayed in Northern Virginia on Monday. The girls spent most of the sunny and warm day running around in the back yard. Abigail kept asking Dad, Papa, and Uncle James to play with her. She tossed the frisbee and kicked around a soccer ball. The highlight for the girls though, was getting a ride in Papa's wheel barrow.

Sarah heading for the wheel barrow that was just put away.Daddy explaining it was time to do something else.
Finally, on Tuesday we headed back home. It was a long trek, but we made it!

I went ahead and tried to estimate just how long we were in the car and maybe how far we traveled. I can safely say we spent at least 50 hours on the road and traveled more than 2,700 miles over our 11 day vacation. Phew! But we had a great time!

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