Thursday, May 12, 2011

Midwest Vacation: Day 5

Today we ventured out to Illinois to visit with Great Grandma and Grandpa Kapaldo. We also visited with Aunt Pat and Uncle Whitie (and their dog, Princess, who the girls loved).

We spent the whole day with Great Grandma, Grandpa and Papa Kapaldo. We first drove into Chicago to get a quick look at Uncle James' campus. The girls enjoyed getting a chance to run around for a bit.

Then we drove further into the city and got to see the Buckingham Fountain. The girls really enjoyed going all over the place here. And did we have a time trying to get them to turn around and say "cheese"!

Before heading out of the city we took a ride on Lake Shore Drive. It provided a really nice view of the city and the waterfront.

Then we rounded out our visit with fantastic pizza at Aurelio's in Homewood, Illinois.

I was hoping the girls would fall asleep during our 90 minute drive back to Indiana, and thankfully they did. We ended up driving through really nasty thunderstorms with a mix of hail. We were blessed to have the girls easily transfer from the van to bed. They were beat after a long fun-filled day!

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