Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Girls Had a Ball

I think Abigail was convinced that the reception was going to be more like a Cinderella-type ball. She was ready to go soon after the wedding ceremony started. It seems like she has been waiting for this moment all her life-she couldn't stop talking about wearing her dress and dancing.

Well, Saturday she finally had her chance.

Here is a quick summary of what Abigail did at the reception:



Ate a bit.

Danced (Abigail learning the Cha Cha Slide):

Had some ice cream.


At one point the ring bearer was dancing too. He fell at one point, so Abigail decided to join him on the floor. He got up, then he gave her his hand so he could help her up. Abigail liked being the damsel in distress. So, about 5 or so more times she would fall so he could help her up again. Kids do the funniest things!

Sarah's reception activities were pretty similar.

Sarah ate.

Sarah danced:

Sarah ate some more.

Sarah danced some more:

Sarah fell asleep:

I think it is safe to say that the girls had a ball at my brother and sister-in-law's wedding reception!

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Anonymous said...

So cute! Looks a lot like my girls at their first wedding reception (they were 2--almost 3--and 1 at the time). Wedding receptions are a bit like balls to little girls who love Cinderella, aren't they? :) The ring-bearer thing was so cute!