Friday, May 13, 2011

Midwest Vacation: Day 6

Today was another full day of sight-seeing. Great Grandma, Grandpa, and Papa Kapaldo came our way to show us around and see things as well. We started off by visiting The University of Notre Dame's campus. This is where Uncle James will be going to in the fall for Grad school.

Even though we did a great deal of walking I don't think we even scratched the surface-it is such a big and beautiful campus! We did spend a good amount of time near Notre Dame's most notable building, The Main Building, and it's neighbor, The Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

After a quick lunch we drove from South Bend to Shipshewana (The Heart of Indiana Amish Country). We saw a few horse-drawn carriages and later spent a good amount of time looking at different shops.

After being tourists all day we went to Great Uncle Wade's house for a visit. The girls loved running around the yard but spent most of their time interacting with the dogs (who were thankfully behind a fence (and, no, I wasn't worried anoint the girls, I was worried about the dogs ;-)).

It was getting pretty late when we left for dinner. The girls napped on the way to The Olive Garden, where they each had a little meltdown. Thankfully things got better once the food started to arrive.

The girls went down soon after we got to the hotel. It didn't take me much longer. I was beat too!

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