Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What's Cooking: Baked Honey Mustard Chicken

Have I mentioned how much I love There are so many recipes posted with tons of reviews and suggested modifications. Their website even lets you search for "Kid-Friendly" recipes. This recipe, for Baked Honey Mustard Chicken, was one of those "Kid-Friendly" ones I thought I'd try.

Substitutions/Modifications: I cut the recipe in half for the sauce because I was using less chicken.

Ease: This recipe was very easy to execute. I especially love recipes with few ingredients and steps, so this was great-4.5 stars.

Affordability: Chicken was on sale and all of the other ingredients were normal pantry staples. This recipe gets 5 stars for affordability.

Taste: We really enjoyed the taste of this dish. Great combination of honey and mustard, though I would say it was a tad on the sweet side. Four stars for taste.

Family-Friendly: Can someone please help me with this? I cannot cook chicken that does not take countless chews on my kids' part before swallowing. And, after countless chews who wants to swallow (or who wants to have another bite)? I am horrible about over-cooking chicken people! My meat thermometer says poultry is "done" at 190 degrees. Is this too high? Any tips on how I can make moist and chewable chicken for my girls? This recipe will only get 2.5 stars, but I think it is my own fault.

What's Cooking Rating: 4 stars

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