Thursday, June 16, 2011

Belly Shots: 18 Weeks

I had another check-up last week. It was quick and easy. The nurse practitioner looked for the heart beat right away. She caught it pretty fast and just long enough to record a heart rate of 155. As soon as she got the reading our little baby moved right out of the way. The nurse tried to catch it again, but he/she kept moving. Suddenly POW, the little rascal gave me and the nurse a swift kick.

This was a pleasant feeling for me as I've been so busy and distracted by the girls that I often don't take the time to sit around and see if I can feel the baby move. Here and there I've felt a few things, but nothing during the day that I notice. I'm sure once the baby gets bigger I won't be able to ignore the kicks and elbows anymore!

Here we are at 18 weeks!

Next Friday is our big ultrasound, when we (hopefully) find out if we are having a boy or a girl. I want to find out so bad because I think we'll need all the time we can get to pick out a name.

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