Friday, June 24, 2011

Oh Boy...

It's another girl :-)

We had our anatomy ultrasound today. The technician didn't get to the real reason I was there, but looked for what she could find first. After a look at the heartbeat (160), the spine, arms, legs, stomach, etc she went looking for the gender.

I thought to myself as I watched the screen, "Oh, it's another girl. No! Wait! A boy? No, that's a girl." the technician confirmed it.

So, remember those "tests" I subjected myself to? Most were wrong (including my gut feeling). I didn't tell you about another test I took a few times though: the Abigail test.

Test: Ask Abigail if she thinks Mommy is having a boy or a girl.

Verdict: GIRL. And she was right.

Jonathan and I are very excited to meet our little girl (name TBD) in about 21 weeks!

Three times the giggles, smiles, twirls, drama, pigtails, chipped nail polish, and "Daddy, Daddy, look at me"s!

And maybe some more of this...

And this...

I love our silly girls.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the three girls club! We're enjoying ourselves with three. :) I love the sticker pictures.

Krista Photography said...

I'm so excited for you guys! Those girls are going to have so much fun together! :)