Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where a Kid Can Be a Kid

On Monday the girls and I visited with Nonna, Auntie Laura, Uncle Nick, and Bridget. As we were hanging out we decided on a spontaneous trip to Chuck E Cheese-a first for the three girls (and an item on that "To Do" list I started many months ago).

We all had a really great time, though it was a LOT of work (even though the adults out-numbered the kids 4 to 1). It seemed like Sarah and Abigail wanted to go in opposite directions a lot of the time.

The girls enjoyed riding the mini carousel and helping Mommy play ski ball. Abigail also enjoyed crawling through tubes near the ceiling that led to a fun slide. Sarah seemed pretty excited to run all over the place.

We all had a great time! It'll be even more fun once Bridget is older (though, I think we'll need reinforcements with a third little girl running around ;-)

Special thanks to my sister for the pictures!

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