Monday, March 28, 2011

Cute Conversations with Abigail

Often during bedtime Abigail will call for me. She'll want us to help her with her covers, get her water, etc. Last night I asked Jonathan to take care of her. I could hear them talking in her doorway. Here is a loose paraphrase of their conversation:

A: Mommy's sad.
J: No, Mommy isn't sad.

A: Mommy's sick.

J: No, Mommy isn't sick.

A: Mommy's tired.

Jonathan reassured her I was fine. Then Abigail went ahead and declared, "Mommy is sick and tired."

This morning Abigail came to get me out of bed. She was comparing my features with hers. She concluded that we both have brown eyes while Sarah and Jonathan have blue ones. She then went to describe my hair as "big hair" then went ahead and said my mouth was big. Though she also noted that she had a "big mouth" too. I'm going to have to agree with that one :-)

Oh, and a helpful hint for those of you who have or plan to have a young one. If their birthday month has arrived, don't tell them, "Hey, you know what? Your birthday is this month!" This is especially important if you are telling them at the beginning of the month and their birthday is at the end of the month. Abigail is often telling me we need to get party hats and cake and balloons. I have to keep explaining to her that her birthday is a few weeks away (though now it is finally coming up)!

Whenever we ask her what she wants for her birthday she'll go ahead and talk about the decorations and type of cake she wants. So then we have to ask a different way, "What kind of present do you want?" She'll quickly and consistently respond, "A green one!"

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