Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Easter Craft: Stained Glass Cross

Today's craft was yet another I had to try as soon as I saw it: an Easter Stained Glass Cross.

When I looked over the directions I had a really hard time understanding them. So, I ended up doing things "my" way. Looking back on it, I probably wouldn't have had to do so much cleaning up work at the end if I had understood and followed the directions.

Here's a quick description of what we did.

1. Cut the cross and cross openings out of construction paper. After cutting out the cross I folded it in half (long ways first, then top to bottom) so I could easily and evenly cut out the openings:

2. Attach cross to the sticky side of contact paper.

3. Tear tissue paper into small pieces and attach to exposed contact paper. The girls were into tearing the paper. Abigail and I did most of the attaching while Sarah played with torn up tissue paper.

4. Trim excess contact paper.

5. Trim excess tissue paper. I ended up using an exact-o knife (this is probably an extra step I wouldn't have had to do if I had understood and followed the instructions).

6. Hang up! I didn't get the whole contact paper thing at first-why not just attach white paper and glue the tissue paper? The contact paper allowed for light to shine through to the colorful paper.

This is probably a craft more suited to older children, but it was still fun and I am happy with the results.

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