Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Toddler Shenanigans

Abigail can be very entertaining at times. She also needs to be entertained. She can be a bit, let's say...energetic. The long winter and seemingly endless days of snow does not help. We've been stuck in the house a lot lately and Abigail is getting bored.

Let's start on a light note. Abigail is getting very good at dressing herself. All I have to do is set her clothes for the day in front of her and she is all set (minus me having to sometimes turn things around for her). A few times this week she's wandered off to her room though for a costume change. Here are a few things she's come up with:

Her parings are very edgy. I'm not sure that the "shirt-for-a-skirt" thing will catch on. Oh, and in that second picture she is wearing Sarah's clothes.

Now I have to come out with a disclaimer for this next little diddy-there is no underlying reason why I decided to ask Abigail the questions you'll see in the dialog below (I was just curious):

Me: Abigail, do you want to have a baby brother?
Abigail: Gives me a look. Shakes head. No.
Me: Do you want to have a baby sister?
Abigail: Same look. Shakes head. No.
Me: So you don't want Mommy to have any more babies?
Abigail: Shakes head. No.

There you have it. And just to be clear, I am not expecting.

Here's the not so light note. I typically put Sarah down for her second nap once Abigail is already sleeping. Today I was reminded why I do this. Sarah didn't take a first nap, so the afternoon nap would be her only nap. Well, she fell asleep before Abigail did, so I put her in her crib sleeping sweetly. A few minutes later I walked in to find Abigail standing at the crib and pulling Sarah's leg through the rungs. Sadly no one got a much needed nap today.

I can't leave Sarah out. I know she is small and she is only 16 months old, but she does toddle around and she does things that fit with this post's title. Sarah is climbing now. This scares me! We have a small table and chairs set and she has just figured out how to climb onto the chairs to take a seat. She took it to the next level yesterday though. I was washing dishes and turned around to see her STANDING on one of these chairs at the counter (Abigail stands on them to "help" with baking and such).

And while I was putting Abigail down today for the nap that didn't happen, Sarah had fun making a mess in the kitchen.

I am ready for spring. I think the girls are too.

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