Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our Weekend - Part 1

This past weekend our little family split up. Jonathan will share about his time with Abigail in the next post.

Sarah and I joined my Mom, Aunt, Sister, and Niece for a weekend trip to New Jersey. The main purpose of our journey was to take part in my future Sister-in-Law's surprise bridal shower.

On Saturday morning we all piled into the van and headed down for the 5+ hour drive. We made good time considering we made two stops and got turned around a bit by our misguided GPS ;-) Saturday was pretty low-key. We hung out at my brother's apartment where Sarah chased his cat throughout the afternoon. We then went to Bertucci's for dinner. We went back to our hotel, where Sarah fell asleep shortly after.

Sunday mainly consisted of bridal shower festivities. After a wonderful and filling breakfast we headed to the shower site to help set up. There turned out to be plenty of help, so I found myself spending most of the time chasing and entertaining Sarah. Once guests arrived we strapped Sarah in her booster seat for lunch and she was there until Dawn was finished opening gifts. Thanks to modern technology we were able to keep Sarah quiet and in her booster seat for 90 minutes (she watched Toy Story 3 on our portable DVD player). The shower was a success-Dawn's family and James did an excellent job keeping everything a surprise. Also, the girls did great considering how long we were (11:30 to almost 5 with no real naps).

Sarah a bit before the shower started.Dawn being surprisedSarah watching Toy Story
I love this shot my sister got, a cute Bridget with shower action going on in the background.

James and Dawn came back to our hotel a bit after the shower for a visit. Unfortunately I was dealing with Sarah in the other room, so I missed out on most of the visit.

On Monday morning we had breakfast with James before heading back on the road. Our trip was even better on the way back with only one pit stop.

Sarah and I are happy to be home, but we did have a great time away!

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