Monday, February 28, 2011


Jonathan and I went wild and crazy on Saturday. We spontaneously decided to take a 45 minute drive to the closest IKEA. We had been once before when we were newlyweds, on our way home from a weekend trip to Newport, Rhode Island (times sure have changed). We packed Abigail and Sarah up in their carseats, sans winter jackets for extra comfort, and ventured south to IKEA.

Sarah took a nice nap on the way while Abigail enjoyed looking out the window (of course, she fell asleep 5 minutes before we got there).
We managed to spend 3 whole hours walking in circles around the place. The girls enjoyed occasionally trying out a chair or toddler bed. Sarah spent most of the time in the stroller though.

After a quick and messy lunch we decided to make a purchase. We got a few things and managed to spend less than $100. As soon as we got home we set up our new apartment accessories.
May I present to you the piece of furniture that transformed our living room from the Day Care Fun look to the Let's Have Company! look.

We also got a cute net-shelf-thing that was only $4.99, it's a nice fun way to store the girls stuffed animals.

Our trip to IKEA was a welcomed escape from the apartment, and now I have a new lease on our living rooms's life!

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