Friday, July 30, 2010

Photo Fridays 07.30.10

The other morning Abigail got up earlier than I had hoped, so Jonathan let her watch Veggie Tales in the living room. When Sarah got up, I brought her in the living room and sat her on the floor. Abigail then sat right next to her and, well, you'll see...

And, speaking of photos, my friend Krista of Krista Photography did a photo shoot with us a few weeks ago. She just posted a few of the pictures to her blog and even more on facebook. I am so happy with what she captured and how she captured it. I was worried because it was really hot that day and, well, I have two little girls who like to be in constant motion. But it went really well!

Thanks Krista! I love all your work, but especially these pictures (but I'm probably a little biased ;-)

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Krista Photography said...

What a sweet moment!

Super glad you like the photos Diana! It was sweltering but totally worked out great! All the cute smiles made it easier too :)