Friday, July 9, 2010

Annual July Trip to Virginia - Day 5

We made our way back to Massachusetts on Wednesday. We left shortly after 9:00 AM. And, can you believe we only made one stop? You can call us crazy. We made really good time as a result. The trip only took us 9 hours.

It's funny because I ended up complaining a lot during this leg for whatever reason: Sarah whining, Abigail whining, Abigail putting her feet on the DVD player, the DVD player falling over and over, Abigail taking too long to fall asleep, etc. Jonathan and I talked about this once both girls were napping in the afternoon. I mentioned that if someone were to ask Jonathan which girl had a rougher time with the long-distance traveling he would probably say me!

In reality the girls did do very well during our whole vacation. Long distance driving is a lot to put them through, especially when we only make a few stops. They also did very well considering the really hot weather and the fact that they missed out on some sleep. We couldn't have asked for anything more. We are blessed with two great girls.

We had such a great time with the Kapaldo's and we look forward to future visits!

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