Friday, July 9, 2010

Annual July Trip to Virginia - Day 4

We took it easy Tuesday morning after a few busy days and late nights. Sarah had a nice full morning nap while Abigail had a morning swim in the kiddie pool.

Today was an exciting day for us. Grandma and Papa brought us to the mall to watch Toy Story 3. This was both Abigail and Sarah's first movie theater experience. We went to a really nice theater too-the screen was huge and there was stadium seating. We grabbed seats in the next to last row, which ended up being a really good place for us.

Abigail sat between me and Grandma. She was all set with a small cup of popcorn and her water. She was pretty excited at the beginning during the previews and the start of the movie. Further in, however, she started getting antsy. She wanted to stand up against the row in front of us-no big deal. But then she started trying to climb into the row in front of us. We just had to keep Abigail occupied and interested in the movie which involved snacks, musical chairs, and a few "oh wow Abigail, look at that!"'s.

Sarah did really well. She snacked on cheerios and had some water. Towards the end of the movie she was making a lot of noise, so Jonathan stood off to the side and held her. He held her so that she would be able to watch more of the movie, but she ended up dozing (she takes after me ;-). So he moved her to his shoulder where she took a nice little nap.

Toy Story 3 was really good. I'm glad we got to watch it with Grandma and Papa and that the girls had such a great first-time-at-the-movies experience.

Both of the girls fell asleep on the way home and managed to stay asleep as we transferred them back to bed. I even ended up taking a short nap. After naptime the girls spent more time in the kiddie pool before dinner. This was Sarah's first experience with a kiddie pool.

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