Friday, July 9, 2010

Annual July Trip to Virginia - Day 3

The girls got up at 6:30 on Monday, which was nice. Jonathan ended up taking the girls upstairs. I told him I'd be up in a few minutes. Well, that few minutes ended up being more like 90 minutes. I had fallen back to sleep "accidentally". Jonathan ended up taking the girls outside where they hung out with Grandma and Papa before breakfast.

We trekked to Culpeper, Virginia to visit with Uncle Aaron for the afternoon/evening. The guys worked hard outside in the heat while the ladies watched a movie. Well, actually, two of the ladies wanted to take advantage of the space and roam around. Sarah liked scooting to the back door and playing with a doorstop while Abigail enjoyed grabbing ice out of glasses, grabbing things put of kitchen cabinets, and also playing with the same doorstop.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that Uncle Aaron has a cat, which Abigail kept asking about periodically. She must think that all cats do is sleep (which is what we tell her a cat is doing when he or she isn't around). One thing we discovered though is that Abigail might be mildly allergic to cats (at least some cats). I don't think she touched that cat once, but she still managed to break out a bit on her face. I'm sure we'll find out more when we see the Allergist next week.

We had fun during dinner at The Sweetwater Grill. Even though we were approaching the girls' bedtime they were pretty good. Sarah screeched a lot and waved her arms while Abigail kept us all entertained. For dinner I had one of my favorites, the Drunken Rib-eye. It was great!
After dinner we went back to Grandma and Papa's where the girls went quickly to bed for the night.

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