Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More Fun in the Sun

This past weekend we hung out at my Aunt's house. My Aunt welcomed us over to take advantage of her cool pool in the steamy heat.

Abigail would have stayed in that pool all night if we let her. She had a blast! She had even more fun than normal I think because we were surrounded by familiar and fun people and because of Abigail's new swimming helper. With her new "swim vest" and floaties she was able to kick and bob in the pool all by herself (with capable swimmers nearby, of course). She even jumped off of the diving board-well, she more walked off the board than jumped.

Sarah had fun in the water as well. She is also pretty independent in her tube, though I think she prefers to be held because she is more able to splish and splash in the water.

Thank you so much Auntie for your hospitality, we all had a blast!

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