Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Eleven Months!

Once again, I missed taking Lily's monthly photo until a few days later. I guess it's better missing them all-together! And I guess they can't all be of her smiling :-)

Lily is all over the place. She cruises like a pro and still uses her stroller. She has even started letting go to stand on her own for a second or two.

She still only has two teeth, but she still manages to inflict pain with them.

If you haven't heard our little Lily (wherever on the globe you may be) I would be surprised. She is very loud and very vocal. If you aren't meeting her needs (or wants) she will give out a shrill scream. She's also been seen making the "mmma" sound. I'm convinced she's referring to me, her mama.

She spends more time playing on her own and even playing with the girls. Sometimes Abigail and Sarah are good about including her when other times they ask me to take her away.

In less than a month she'll be a year old. I think I've said this a few times...some days can seem incredibly long, but a year sure does fly by!

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