Monday, December 19, 2011

Want a Little Cookie with Your Sugar?

I made four dozen sugar cookies last week. Half we brought to our homeschool co-op for decorating and the other half I took to Nonna and Papa's so the girls could decorate them with their cousin Bridget.

Abigail started off nice and neat icing cookies at Nonna's house. We didn't use piping bags, so instead used our fingers. Towards the end though, Abigail became her own assembly line, dipping her fingers in blue icing, then the green, then the pink, before applying it to her cookie. Then she insisted on using every color sprinkle we had to make her cookies "colorful". She ended up putting a significant amount of each color on each cookie.

Sarah decorated maybe three cookies total. Then she ate each of them. Oh, and she made a mess. But she had fun!

Bridget was given a cookie, which she ate. Then she managed to reach all of the sprinkles Abigail finished using because Abigail always put them in Bridget's reach. Then Bridget "decorated" the table with the sprinkles if we weren't able to intercept the sprinkle containers in time. She made a mess too, but I think she also had fun. It was cute to hear her repeat Nonna, especially when Nonna would hand Abigail sprinkles and say "Here you go". Bridget would immediately repeat Nonna with her own "Here you go".

Check out Bridget reaching:

Maybe we should go ahead and make this another Christmas tradition.

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