Thursday, December 1, 2011


Today was Jonathan's first day back at work. I was sort of dreading this day, because having Jonathan around was such a huge help! He didn't think he was that big of a help, but he couldn't be more wrong. Most of his help involved watching Lily so I could tend to chores, etc (which is something I really wanted to take care of).

The night before Jonathan's day back was a bit stressful. Lily decided to stay wide awake from 11:15 or so until about 1:00. Once she was settled in bed I figured I was good until 4:00 or so. I was wrong-she got up at 3:00 (and this was after I had to get up to calm Sarah down when she woke up sometime between 1:00 and 4:00). After I fed Lily what I thought was a pretty substantial meal I struggled to help her get back to sleep. I was desperate and had Jonathan help me out around 4:00. He was able to get her back to sleep around 5:00.

Our restless sleep made for an easier day with Daddy away though, because Lily had a lot of sleep to make up for. Most of the day I dealt with an actual 2:1 and even 1:1 Little One to Mommy ratio because of naps. I was able to do a little cleaning and Abigail and I even fit in a preschool lesson. The only thing I didn't manage to do was take a shower (I'll have to figure that one out).

We made it! We survived in one piece! With God's help I think we'll be able to do this.

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