Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Life of the Party

I love each of my daughters equally. I just thought I'd share a bit about Sarah. Sarah is the life of our little party. At the dinner table she is often the source of entertainment. She seems to like to get a laugh out of the whole family-especially Mommy and Abigail.

Sarah's been "dressing" herself lately. Sometimes she'll try on Build a Bear shoes (which are a tad on the small side). Other times she'll put on a hat. A few days ago she decided to be a super-hero. I have a few nursing covers which Abigail (and later Sarah) started using as capes. Here is Sarah in her get-up. She'll go around the room saying "Super Ada!" (which is Super Abigail in Sarah's language). I try to get her to say "Super Sarah!" but she insists on saying what Abigail says when she runs around with the cape.

Another day this week she was all dressed and ready for the day, but then decided to accessorize with another shirt. She came to us and did a nice pose to show off her completed outfit.

I love Sarah's facial expressions. I also love how she's randomly sings songs. Another cute thing she's been doing is changing her baby doll's diapers. She has mastered her technique and even will grab both her doll's legs with one hand like we do with Lily (ok, you have to see her do this to appreciate its cuteness). She's just an all-around cutie!


Brianne said...
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Brianne said...

In the last picture there, you can totally tell that Sarah and Abigail are sisters. So cute!